Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Temporary Apartment

We have finally moved into the temporary apartment. It's great because we're no longer cramped into the hotel and we can cook our own meals and throw dirty laundry around without feeling guilty. Yes, it is bye bye to the maid but alas no job yet so I've got plenty of freetime.

The temporary apartment is located in Seefeld which is the east side of Zürich and very close to the Zürichsee. (See map below) It's easy to get around the city from here as everything is within a 15-30 minute walk - again Zürich isn't that big! It's really close to public transport, too. So Jace just has to walk down the street about 5 minutes to get to the train station where he takes a 15 minute train to work. And I can get on all kinds of trams if I don't want to walk around during the day and as we did last night, we can always walk along the lake as it's just at our door.

This is a really nice part of town, our relocation consultant Suzanne said, and apartments usually rent out for about $3000 per month for even just a one bedroom. This apartment is owned by Jace's company so we get it 'gratis' or free for 60 days. We'll probably only stay for 30, depending on when our stuff arrives, as we have already found a place in Urdorf that we're going to rent out starting May 1st.

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Priti Patel said...


I am so excited for you! I've never been to Zurich, just Geneva, and I can imagine how different they are for obvious reasons. I am looking forward to loads more stories and pictures and can't wait to find a time to visit once you get more settled!



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