Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 1 in Zürich

Hotel du Theatre in ZurichOur temporary apartment wasn't ready for the first week of our stay in Zürich, so instead we stayed at the Hotel du Theatre near Central station in Zürich. It was lovely and I'd highly recommend it. Just watch out as the breakfasts are incredibly tempting but not free like complementary breakfasts at US hotels! (We only ate there once since it was 14 fr/person for breakfast in the hotel!)

From the hotel, we were able to walk all over and really experience the best of Zürich - the Bahnhofstrasse with all of it's fancy shops and stores, the river and see area, the Zoo, the Kunsthaus (Zürich's art museum), and the lovely downtown area in general. And boy did we walk all over! I would highly recommend that you experience Zürich by foot. It's not at all a big city and even if you need a bit of help the trams are all over Kreis 10 (the downtown area - literally section 10) and you can always hop on and off if you have a Tageskarte (daily card) that costs only 7.80 fr.

We had some lovely days to explore and get orientated in Zürich... and it also gave us plenty of time to find out where we wanted to live as well as work... more soon!
View of Zurich's east bank
A Swan on the Zurichsee
Grossmunster ChurchJessica and Jace by ZurichseeLooking over the Zurichsee towards the Southeast


jessica said...

that's so funny, my fiancé stays in that hotel every week!! sounds like you are moving around a lot!
Your photos and albums are lovely by the way. we have a nikon d200, for what it's worth.
there is another jessica in Zurich also, have you run across her blog yet?

Jul said...

That's the hotel we stayed in when my husband was interviewing in Zurich. Popular place!

Best of luck with your adventures in Zurich. It's a nice place. :)


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