Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You're moving where?... Switzerland?!

My husband and I have always wanted to live in Europe. That's the last stop in our travel adventure and we have been looking for an opportunity to go - and alas, the right opportunity came our direction and we grabbed it. So a week ago we moved to Zürich, Switzerland to start our next chapter.

We liked the idea of moving to Zürich because it's continuously well ranked as one of the 'best quality of life' cities in the world... actually it was number one in 2006. It's close to everything Europe has to offer... actually right smack dab in the middle of it all. And it's got everything - water, mountains, hiking, biking, big name companies to work for, excellent roads (very important to my husband!), awesome public transportation, security and safety for all, socialized health care, and of course delicious chocolate!

I will document our stories in Switzerland and in Europe here for family and friends to keep up with our adventures and for new friends alike that may be moving to Switzerland or just want to know a bit more about the area... here is our Swiss Story.


CHUB CHUB said...

Hi Jess and Jace
I loved reading your blog. I am very excited for your new adventures! Keep writing Jess, its very entertaining.
X Mel and Jamie

Expat Traveler said...

Jessica - I'm very interested to read your story.. Even more interested in finding out how you got over to Switzerland.

If we go together this time, It will be a while before we can..


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