Thursday, May 1, 2008

Burkliplatz Market

Tuesday and Thursday are market days in Zürich at the Burkliplatz. I love the markets because everything is so colorful and fresh, straight from the farmer and the atmosphere is just so lovely. You can stroll amongst the fruit and vegetable stalls, look at all the weird cheeses, and see what's in season. On Thursday, I strolled down to the Burkliplatz market just before it closed (it's open from 6 am - 11 am), and I took a whole bunch of pictures of all the lovely things at the market - hence the video montage post! I also bought what ended up being a mountain (kilo!) of rhubarb to cook up and eat with rice pudding and even alone, and some items for a greek salad. Yum!

Here are some of my finding from the markets in Zurich:
  • "Bio" is the sign for organic produce, so the "bio citronen" in photos are organic lemons
  • Items in general are not really cheaper in the markets vs. Migros or Coop (or cooped up as Jace calls it!) - but I do think that the peak season items are better quality - eg. the rhubarb was way fresher at the market
  • I thought that going late might get me some last minute deals, but they're pretty sticky with their prices, and they're happy to pack it all up unsold at 10 minutes to 11 am!
  • There are a lot of lovely plants at the market - I can't wait to make a balcony herb garden with my finds.
I also get a lot of tips regarding when and where to go for great food from the fresh attitude blog. It has a lot of great tips on what's fresh at the moment and what to make with what you buy. I recommend it for all market lovers and foodies. Here's what was fresh in April.. can't wait for the May edition!
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Anonymous said...

Are you monetizing your blog with railroad ads? Shameless, shameless, brazen Swiss capitalism at its worst. What's happened to you? What's happened???

Jessica Cartwright said...

Um.. yes. It's all good fun and practice. No job = plenty of time to try out new things.. and try to make some money. Go on, click on it, you know you want to. ;)

Jul said...

Check out the Oerlikon and Helvetiaplatz markets - better prices than Burkliplatz. :)


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