Friday, May 2, 2008

Labor Day Laborings

Near the Zürichhorn, on May 1st, Switzerland's Labor Day

Jace made a good point - check out which parts have worn down! ;) So funny. hehe

Magnolias in the park near Zürichhorn

Spring has officially sprung - a beautiful flower on Dufourstrassse

Just a bit over a month in Zürich already! My how the time flies. We're about to move into our permanent apartment and say goodbye to the lovely temporary apartment in and around Seefeld, Zurich, in the thick of it all. We'll miss being next to the lake as it's just so beautiful, but alas all the beauty will only be a 10 minute train away. So we'll be back 'at least once a week' as Jace said today.

Yesterday was Labor Day in Switzerland, and while a lot of people got up to no good, participating in some kind of demonstration in Zürich, we decided to take a walk around the lake instead. The shots above are from the walk and show how lovely the lake side area is now that Spring is in full bloom.

Then just a few hours later, we were back out there again, but this time we ran. We recently both bought nanos and nike+ to take advantage of all the trails in Switzerland... and have an expensive excuse to get back into shape. If you don't know what nike+ is, read this. Basically, you wear this thing in your shoe that talks to your ipod nano and records how long you've run, how fast, etc. Then you can sync it up and see how good/bad you're doing compared to past runs. Here is what my run looked like yesterday.

I've even started a challenge and I made it public - and unknown to me at the time, it's a popular thing. There are not 15 people making the same challenge (50 km in one month... I'm just starting so this is ok...)! Feel free to join by searching "Start Slow" in the nike+ challenges.

Anyway, we had a nice relaxing day yesterday, despite the sweaty run, and we're going to enjoy our last weekend downtown before moving out to the country when our stuff arrives on Monday - yipppee!

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