Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer in Urdorf, Switzerland

Summer is finally upon us. If the overflow of fresh strawberries from the 'pick your own' fields wasn't sign enough, then the sounds of lawns being mowed and the bees and bugs flying through our unscreened windows make it all too apparent.

Summer truly is quite lovely in Switzerland. The village is alive with color at the moment - all the fields alive with green, houses are perfectly maintained with delicate flower and vegetable gardens, and many houses are flying the Swiss flag in support of the Swiss team for the upcoming Euro 2008.

This last weekend we relaxed and mostly stayed close to home except for a short expedition into Zürich on Saturday to attend the AWCZ Spring Bazaar. Jace was overwhelmed with the American-ness of the event, although besides the American accents I didn't notice anything overly patriotic. There were a few stalls with used items for sale and a nice book sale area but the highlight was the bake sale. We happily devoured a delicious apricot slice each after walking from Seefeld to the AWCZ office, getting lost along the way, mostly due to Tom Tom's terrible advice.

Along with enjoying the fresh strawberries I have also been rhubarb crazy. I have made rhubarb compote at least 4 times now and Saturday I made a rhubarb crumble that was/is divine. (Got a great rhubarb recipe? Leave it for me in the comments!) Sunday we mostly relaxed, taking a walk around Urdorf in the afternoon, still recuperating from the very, very long runs on Friday (Jace ran 16 km! I ran 9 km! ..that darn Nike + has us both out there trying to beat the online challenges we are in!). We stopped by the pub for a beer and then went home for a chicken roast, despite Jace's pleas that we should just order pizza. But for 17 CHF per pizza, for an individual sized portion, I convinced him that we should save our money for another day and go out for it- going out for pizza is definitely cheaper than delivery here!

The weather has been a bit sporadic lately - lovely and hot/humid during the day and then thunderstorms around 9 pm or so every night. At least it makes it cooler for sleeping, because being in the roof of the apartment, it gets awfully hot up there at night!

I got out on Saturday to take some photos as the sunset cast some lovely light on the village. Here are some photos of Urdorf, our small village or 'kleines Dorf.' Sounds even more quaint in German doesn't it?


Bluefish said...

Lovely sceneries:)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great, and I love your photos. Keep up the good work!


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