Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How the Swiss keep food prices down & libidos up!

This article contains the lamest segway on earth, but I love it nonetheless.

This Reuters blog post claims that Switzerland has been able to keep farming and food costs down because it's been successful at keeping the farmers... well, farming... and also lingerie modeling...

Whether or not modeling has anything to do with food productivity, I do love the name of the Swiss Farmer and "Farmeresses'" (is that really a word?) upcoming lingerie calendar - it's called "Swiss Cheese."

This country cracks me up. I need to get my hands on this calendar for a good laugh.

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r basler said...

Hey, thanks for noticing my Oddly Enough blog item. You're lucky to be living in Switzerland, the land of my ancestry - it's pretty obvious where the name Basler comes from.

Anyway, please come back and visit my blog often, and leave comments.

Best regards,
Bob Basler

colin said...

the new calendar was launched this weekend, you can see the new pictures on www.bauernkalender.ch

Jessica said...

Thanks, Colin! This is too good for words... I LOVE IT!

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