Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Swisstory Update- Week 9 in Zurich.

Spring in Urdorf

Wow, has it really gone by so quickly already? I can't believe we've been here 2 months already. Then again, waiting for Jace's second pay check is always a handy reminder! But as I mentioned a few posts ago, the job hunt is still on for me and it's going well... two open positions so far (well, as far as I know), and an interview on Friday. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

The weather this and last week hasn't been as lovely as the first week in May. Although it's still quite comfortable, the skies are overcast and dreary and it often rains at night. I suppose all the green countryside must get it's juice from somewhere. That has slowed down our weekend adventures for the time-being, BUT it won't stop us this weekend. Oh no, this weekend we're off to Germany to attend our friends' wedding! We're really looking forward to it and it will be our first trip together out of Switzerland since we arrived. Connie recommended that we return via Konstanz and the Bodensee as she said it's lovely and that's just what we're going to do. Looking forward to it. Photos next week...(Today's photos are my effort to coax back the Spring like weather!)

The electrician came today to connect the lights. He unfortunately couldn't do two of the three spots as one is on the stairway and quite tricky to get to with his wee ladder, and the other will require some materials he didn't have. A plot to pay for a second visit... ? We'll see! Either way, we now have a new light and three -oh that's right, THREE - light switches that work it because how many light switches does it take to turn on the entry light...? Obviously three! Which will do just fine!

Jace is enjoying his work and seems to have a great group of friends there. One colleague, a German, brought back some Bavarian yumminess to share with the team and I profited from the leftovers - Weisswurst and Bavarian Brezels. Yum. He also shared some of this delicious mustard that Jace couldn't stop talking about. We now have a big jar of it for a later date. Another visited us to a backyard barbie a few weekends ago and it was just lovely.

I am slowly enhancing the apartment in my vast spare time, making it more livable and ready for our upcoming guests in June and July. The moving company came and took away the empty packing boxes and wrapping paper on Monday so as Jace says 'It's feeling bigger already...', I mentioned the electrician's visit, I finally got to buy a new vacuum and thank God IKEA will come on Monday to deliver our furniture, most importantly our new bed so that we're no longer sleeping on the sofa mattress on the floor. (Val, I am so sorry, but I have to say that sofa bed isn't very comfortable! Don't worry though, we have a queen bed for the spare room for you this time around! Sorry to our guests that will arrive in multiples - it's either a slumber party in the spare room or onto the sofabed!)

Tomorrow I will venture into the unknown and rent a mobility car to go and pick up some items that I'm buying from an expat that will move back home soon... So we'll have a few more items that we needed, at good prices, if only I can make it there and back in one piece. This will be my first Swiss driving adventure as well. Thankfully foreigners can drive for the first year on their international license, so I won't need to go through the hassle of changing my license just yet.

I also signed up to be on the wait list for a Familiengarten in Urdorf. There are community gardens that apartment dwellers can rent for the year and plant whatever they want on them. There are two such areas for the allotments in and around Urdorf and they rent for about 100-200 Chf per year. Pretty good deal if you ask me. That includes water, the plot, and some maintenance. We'll see how long the wait list takes!

Now I'm off to the store with the nanna trolley to pick up some more food for the week... if only shopping weren't so expensive it might be more fun. I think I might have to try the delivery service soon too if Jace doesn't stop drinking so much coke - those bottles are heavy!!!

Ps. Send us some love in a comment. I must admit, only three comments for Jace to contribute... that's sad. That didn't persuade him one bit! Perhaps I can pressure him somehow.

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I am really enjoying your Swisstory. Now, we know how Jessica is doing but how about you Jason? How do you like Switzerland?
I hear that you can drink beer on the train! OK- but how is the wine and cheese? How is the German coming? And can you yodeling coming along?????? Have you got your bell yet? When I visited there,it seemed that every living creature was wearing a bell!! You will know what I mean if you visit the countryside. Have you got a chance to hike any of the Alps. For a weekend trip go to Zermat! How was the wedding in Germany?
Hope all is well. Take care.
Love from Ohio-Louise


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