Thursday, May 22, 2008

What? No Wurst?

With the run-up to the Euro 2008 in full swing and Austria and Switzerland preparing for a huge influx of visitors, naturally there are things that people are worried about. For example, I got a letter in the mail yesterday about how best to get around town and use the public transportation system while hundreds of thousands of foreigners flock to the city... but really, they've already added like 5 bazillion more trains to fix that problem so I'm not stressed...

But this on the other hand, this has me worried. Switzerland and Austria fear that with all these mouths to feed during the Cup that there might just be a....


What... will... we... do..

This cracks me up. You have got to read this article from the TimesOnline: "Switzerland's Wurst Nightmare..." I love that title, too. Give that copywriter a raise, will ya?

Image from Flickr user tiexano

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juanitatortilla said...

Ooo... every time we take a stroll along the river, those grilled sausages smell so evil-ly good!
But the thing is, I don't eat pork, so "Truten" and "Geflügel" are my best friends, and I hardly have the guts to go up to a vendor with my non-existent Deutsch.
Thank goodness are there poultry sausages in Migros.
You know how we're spending our weekend brunches -- home pan-grilling some wursts, and oven-toasting Bürli!


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