Friday, June 13, 2008

Electrocution or Electrician?

Photo taken by my Mom of the Tennessee State Prison Electrocution Room

I got a lot of feedback on my list, Top 10 things to do before moving into your apartment in Switzerland.

But the most common feedback I received was in regards to #7, saying that I shouldn't worry about hiring an electrician, and that I should just take care of those naked wires myself. Blue wire to blue, red to red. Easy right?
Our brand new (IKEA,what else!?) kitchen light.
I dare you to figure out how it's plugged in!

It's up to you in the end, but alas I would rather not die by electrocution so I went against the common opinion and called up Markus Leutenegger, an English-speaking electrician referred by our relocation agent. And I'm glad I did... although his services set me back a bit, he was very punctual, very polite, and he did a brilliant job. He's very detail-oriented, as you can see in how he hung the kitchen light - its cord is completely concealed and precisely measured (photo above). I dare you to find the cord. Yeah, that's right, he's that good. So it's obvious that I am very impressed. I also thought his rates in this price inflated country were fair - 85 CHF/hour.

As I feel that you shouldn't mess with the wires unless you know 110% what you're doing (you don't want any fires later or God knows what else can happen with electricity!), again, Markus was completely worth it. A pleasure.

(PS. His company also does household cleaning - so if I feel like I can't face the dust bunnies, I might just call him up for a clean. I think he said it would be about 40 CHF per hour for our 4.5 room apartment, but I will compare his rates to this service (only in German), too.)

This light was a real pain, being on the staircase, but not too tough for Markus!

One new entry way light - easy peasy this one and cheap!

Again... it's completely up to you! Electrocution or electrician....
(Remains of the electric chair from
the Tennessee State Prison Electrocution Room
- photo from my mom... nice work, Mom!)

Share your experiences with electricians in Zürich/Switzerland and those naked wires in the comments!


Bluefish said...

I love your Ikea lamp. I always wanted one like that, however, my fiance bought 2 Danish made lamp.:(

Home Electrician said...

I am an electrician. So i always say electrician.


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