Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Singing in the Rain for Swiss

(Keystone, on

Switzerland's national team lost yesterday to Turkey (1-2)... the newspapers here are flooded with the bad news. But thankfully, the actual rain has stopped... what a memorable game, if for nothing other than the amazing downpour and the teams' strength to play on.

Jace and I watched the game at The Nelson, an English pub in our village (the odds right?), with a couple of his colleagues. At one point, a few Turkish fans were really making a scene over the second goal, and good ol' Robert form the Nelson had a word with them. Good thing too because by that point, only minutes from the end of the game, to say that tensions were high is an understatement.

Check out this photo from the game, and then click on the slide show below. Poor Switzerland. Boy did it rain down on them... (Enough silly rain analogies. I'm so sorry, I will stop!!)

(Photo from Keystone/Laurent Gillieron, on
Photo from The Big Picture - great blog with one big picture a day that tells a story.

Slide show and story seen on: Rain didn't stop play between Switzerland and Turkey in Euro 2008. - swissinfo


Filip Tufvesson said...

Well, considering Switzerland "qualified" by hosting the thing, who's really surprised? Watch Austria follow suit in a few hours.

Jessica said...

That is SO true. You should have seen the national pride here though - I was just hoping they'd go a bit further. I wonder who they'll root for now.

A few articles noted that they won't be rooting for Germany - some tensions there considering the recent increase in German immigrants in Switzerland I believe. Strange.


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