Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Water, 30 CHF Reusable Souvenir Bottle!

Dive right in - free, tasty, clean water from a fountain near Jemoli in Zürich

You read it and hear it everywhere. Drink the water. And it's true -'That's good water.'

The Swiss take great pride in the fact that their water is 'naturally pure' and that you can drink from the fountains in and around
Zürich without concern. The Zürich See is also supposed to be a pleasure to swim in because of the water purity. All that snow run-off from the Alps is super tasty and free, but why would you want to just drink out of the fountain when you could buy a ZH20 reusable bottle for naturally pure Zürich water?!

Ad for the 'reusable bottle for naturally pure Zürich water'

I saw the signs for silver, uber designed water bottles and this display just after the water fountain. Sneaky marketing tactics... The girl at the stall selling the bottles didn't look all too busy... I can't understand why when they have such a hot marketing campaign. Their website states:
"In paradise milk and honey flows, in Zürich 1200 fountains flow with delicious drinking water. Therefore we introduce ZH20 - naturally pure."

That's right. Step right up. For 29.90 CHF get a reusable treasure to
remember your Zürich pure water experience.

Ok, so what if it's the 'official souvenir of Zürich' and that it's hygienic, easy to refill, the perfect size and shape for carrying, made of stainless steel with a great design, and socially aware (1 CHF of each purchase goes to safe water projects in Tanzania). I want to know - really, please - Would you buy this souvenir water bottle, or would you buy this snazzy, classic design below?

My Zürich reusable water experience, for the bargain price of 3 CHF.


Pumpkin Pie said...

I don't know but you may be breaking some cosmic rule by putting Zurich water in a French water bottle. :)

jenarow said...

The price isn't so bad on the reusable stainless steel bottles and did you know that after refilling the disposable two or three times they start leaching petroleum byproducts into your water. Here in the States there is a lot of press on the dangers of reusing the water bottles. Our family has Sigg (from Switzerland) bottles that are rather expensive but my kids aren't drinking petroleum byproducts either. They run about $30 each when you buy the very necessary neoprene covers so you hands don't freeze off. Just a thought...

Jessica said...

Thanks for the post, jenarow and pumpkin pie.

Jenarow - thanks for the tip. I've got a neoprene bottle as well - but did you know that the whole 'plastic bottles aren't safe' is a hoax? Read it here:

Bluefish said...

I would buy that fancy bottle.

Jessica said...

Bluefish - you know, I liked it too... ;) I just couldn't bring myself to pay 30 CHF for a bottle!


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