Thursday, June 19, 2008

FreeCycle Zurich

Speaking of free biking/cycling and recycling - I also want to note that there is this great service called FreeCycle Zurich, which is a free yahoo group that allows you to post items that you want to give away for free. So it keeps these items from going into the landfill and allows others to take things they might need or use off your hands for free! I subscribe and get an email when there are things available - and everything is free! (Did I mention the stuff is free?! ;)

Subscribe today.


mrsmac said...

i love freecycle! used it heavily to clean out some stuff for our move. i didn't know they were global though, awesome!

Jessica said...

Yes they are global! I think there is a freecycle for hundreds of cities out there and lots in Europe. I can't say the Zurich one is very active but the more we spread the word the more active it will hopefully be...


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