Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HOT NEWS: iPhone Coming to Switzerland on July 11th

(Coming just in time for someone's birthday... ;)

I spent an hour and a bit watching the WWDC 2008 Keynote Address in which Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled the new iPhone 3G and its upcoming availability in Switzerland (in German). You can register with Swisscom or Orange to get the iPhone when it comes out on July 11th, and I even signed up to be notified of special rates and release information (on both!).

This video from CNET, below, shows the highlights - but you can watch the entire 1.5 hours of the keynote if you're unemployed like me or if you want to see all the super cool applications they've got planned for the next release. I have to admit - it was really inspiring and awesome. Apple has it together.

Now, just to get a job and find the equivalent of $199... I figure I just have to cancel one IKEA trip... that might just be worth it. ;)

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