Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kangaroo vs. Emu 2008

Sign at the Outback Lodge (Aussie bar) in Zürich

After the stroll through the Euro 2008 Fan area on Sunday, before this huge Swiss dinner we had, we stopped at the only (that I know of) Aussie bar in town, the Australian Bar and Food House or Outback Lodge (directions) at Stadelhofferstrasse 18, right next to Stadelhofen, imagine that.

This was our second visit since we've arrived (homesick much?), and I love to see Jace get all worked up when he orders his beer and gets transported back to the Mother Land. Unfortunately, for some reason the bar can't import Boags anymore - don't ask me why that's #1 on Jace's request list, and yes, I think he knows it is a Tassie beer - so we opted for Coopers instead. Nice beer. I can't say that the restaurant is especially Aussie, but they do throw the word kangaroo around here and there and channel a bit of the American Outback Restaurant experience - that is if you can call the Outback Restaurant 'Aussie'. So that makes it Aussie, right?! Regardless, they have Aussie beer, and that suits Jace just fine.

(Oh and the bartender was spot on and set us straight, although we weren't fooled - when we asked what Aussie beers they had he said, "Well, we've got X, Y, and Z, and Fosters - but that stuff is brewed in France, so yeah, whatever." Good ol' Fosters. You only seem to fool us Americans! Go figure.)

Jace with his Coopers sparkling ale.
Nice little patio they have, with a TV for the Euro 2008 ready to go.

"Are you worth it? Are you the gastronomic journey Down Under? You're just a beer... ", I ask.

"Um, excuse me" the beer says... "I'm an Aussie beer... Not that piss weak stuff you American's call beer, so shut up and drink me..."

This is really what makes it Aussie... right here.

We'll be back for you 'Kangaroo Wurst' - don't you worry your pretty little tail.

(OMG - I just realized the last one on the list is Emu Schnitzel....
Hummmmmmmmmmm... they don't have that at the US Outback now do they!?)

Ps. Speaking of Australian stuff in Switzerland, Jace wants to do a big order from the Aussie Shop here in Switzerland. Has anyone else ordered on there? Any feedback? They don't seem to have in stock all the yummies that he wants.

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val said...

PS Samboy chips were on special for $1.99 this week - Aussie shop 6.80.


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