Monday, June 23, 2008

I got my first Postcrossing card!

I love mail. I love email, too, but nothing is better than real post. Dont' you agree?

For goodness sakes, I had lots of penpals growing up - that's how I even met Jace (that's a long story though...). But the art of writing and the penpal is slowly dying and I believe that's a shame.

That's why when I found out about Postcrossing via one of my favorite photography blogs, Photojojo, I signed up on the spot. Once you sign up, you can request the name and address of up to five random people at a time that would like to receive postcards from around the world. When you write your postcard, you can write anything you'd like - just don't forget to include the unique code for each recipient. This is how the system tracks your postcards - and once you've sent a card, you're up to receive one from another postcrosser. It's that easy.

And today, I got my first card from Nunna in Espoo, Finland - it's the second largest city in Finland, she says, and the city is celebrating is 550th Anniversary this year. I would never have known that if not for Postcrossing! Gotta run - I've got 5 more postcards to send...

P.S. I've started a small chain - I know three others that I have signed up so far - if you go for it, let me know via the comment. I'd love to see if you come up randomly on my postcrossing list!

P.P.S. I just received 2 more postcards - one from Estonia and one from Las Vegas. Yes!


Bluefish said...

This is such a great idea! I love mails too but I'm often too lazy to write. I also want to thank you for the previous post on FreeCycle. I have signed up one in my hometown and 2 in Denmark. We shall see what happens.

Tessa Enright said...

Hey, I found your blog on

I am also a member of postcrossing. I have exchanged almost 30 cards now. It is lots of fun! I have posted some of my postcards on my blog.

Ewasko said...

I signed up as well. Can't wait to send / receive my first card. Strange coincidence though that I'll be sending to the same name, Sonja, of the person I'm emailing in Switzerland. Weird. :-)


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