Monday, June 30, 2008

Lugano, Switzerland (Day 1)

Lugano, Switzerland / Paradise in der Schweiz - June 24th & 25th

The candy colored square in central Lugano

I'm back from last week's very lovely trip with my mother and brother to Lugano, Switzerland and Venice, Italy. They both arrived in Zurich last Sunday and Jace and I showed them around the big Z on Monday. The weather has finally cleared up and the city was lovely and empty-goodbye Euro 2008!

We left for Lugano on Tuesday morning via train. With the 1/2 price fare it cost me only 28 CHF via Zug, a bargain. And I have to admit, the view to Lugano was spectacular, especially past Zug, Arth Goldau, and all the way through to Bellizona. Just lovely. I recommend the train.

I'd been to Lugano once before, when I was 16! Yes, 10 years ago...God I feel so old... with my German host family and really enjoyed it, so it was a pleasure to be able to return with my family. I can't say I remember much other than the lake and all the fancy shopping though...

Fountain near Lugano Giardino port

When we arrived in Lugano we checked into our hotel, the Hotel Carlton Villa Moritz, which was just 10 minutes east of central Lugano via bus number 1. Although the reception staff didn't speak English, we did fine with German and everyone was very pleasant and helpful. For such a good rate, I'd recommend the place. They also have a delish set menu dinner. Can you say lasagna appetizer, cauliflower soup, pork cutlet and homemade tirimisu?! Oh yes, very nice.

We spent Tuesday sight-seeing around the old town, checking out the pastel pallet of buildings and the stunning mountains, reflecting on the blue mountain water. The weather was spendid, but very hot. Thankfully there was a nice breeze off the lake... and plenty of gelato!

This is the view from Lugano Centrale of Lago di Lugano, of course. It's heavenly.

Lugano wasn't nearly as full of tourists as I would have imagined, but those visiting seemed to be from Europe mostly. I think my family enjoyed Lugano's laid back approach after having visited more touristy locations - Krakow, Prague and Salzburg. Here are some paddle boats just waiting for your visit!

Chilling on a bench on Lake Lugano. Don't you love the hat? It helped to keep me nice and pasty.

Here's the money shot of Lugano. All day I kept talking about how we might run into George Clooney, but I found out on day 2 that he actually lives on Lago di Como, not Lago di Lugano. Bummer. Nevertheless, a beautiful spot.

St. Mary of the Angels Church (16th century) with the fresco of the Christ's Passion from Bernardino Luini

Another image from inside the church

A funny sign in Lugano. No wonder Switzerland is so clean! They think of everything!

Day 2 tomorrow.


Bluefish said...

Very beautiful pictures. Is Lugano in Italian part of Switzerland? Does each sector has own government and law? How does it work? I'm very curious about it.

Jessica said...

Well, yes and no. There are officially 26 states, and of those, I believe they speak one of four languages spoken in Switzerland: German (Swiss German), French, Italian, or Romansh... all resulting from some very interesting history which is detailed on wikipedia:

Here's a great map of the language split:

Bluefish said...

Thanks a lot, Jessica. I will check out the websites.

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