Monday, June 9, 2008

Zurich Euro 2008 - The Game is On!

We wanted to go into the Fan Zone in Zürich on Saturday to watch the Switzerland vs. Czech game (unfortunately the game ended 0 - 1), but we didn't know if the weather would cooperate or not. So instead, we watched the game from the event tent that was set up (right next to the Strawberry Man's place) in the middle of Urdorf. Geez, if everyone and their dog didn't show up to watch the game there. It was fun to be part of the community's celebration. We had a few beers and a bratwurst and then went home for the second half, considering that the big screen went down! (Yikes... no riots though!))

Sunday we went into the city to have a look around at the Euro 2008 festivities. The city was definitely buzzing and we went especially to have a look at this amazing Adidas sponsored statue exhibition in the Zürich Bahnhof.

Here is Jace and the sculpture. This doesn't begin to show how HUGE it is.
The sculpture, I mean - GEEZ get your minds out of the gutter.

Here's an angle that gives you some perspective. It's HUGE.

Here's an even better one. I mean, these bicyclists aren't bigger than the shoes!

Ooh, now whose mind is in the gutter? Naughty, naughty me. I must have slipped.
(No Adidas undies up there though. I'm disappointed. Just all legs.)

Jace is part of the huddle.

After walking through the Bahnhof, we walked through town. It was pretty slow on Sunday as no games were on in the afternoon. Most of the visitors were watching the end of the French Open on the big screen TVs around town... poor Federer. The city is really set up nicely for the Euro 2008 though - streets are closed down to allow for pedestrian only access, lots of vendors and bars are camped out on the streets, and there were several street concerts on. Pretty well organized, colorful... well done I'd say.

Here is Limmat-Quai decked out for Euro 2008. Go check it out if you haven't yet!

Lots and lots of cool vendors, but watch out! It's expensive... yes, I mean, more expensive than usual. Jace even had to forgo a coke because they are 5 CHF on the strip! YIKES!

The Quaibrucke/ bridge, in the distance, full of Euro 2008 visitors!
Jace poses for a photo. He's so cute.

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