Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beers on the Train 2

Becca - super excited- with her open cans of beer, ready for the train!

I have to admit... I love having visitors. And even more so, I love having visitors that have read the blog! Becca had read about Jace's adventures drinking on the train, so after the Salsa Ship, on our way back home, we had to pick up some beers to test out the system. (Please note, we are not normally such boozers... or at least I don't think we are... well.. .anyway it was fun to 'break the rules' as you will see in the photos.)

For all the international readers of this blog, this is a big deal that we could buy and consume drinks in public. In America, you cannot have an open alcoholic beverage in public. It is all spelled out in the open container simply cannot consume an open container of alcohol in public – that includes on the train! I believe Australia has similar laws... hence Jace's excitement.

Becca and Jace celebrate the freedom to drink when and
where you please, this includes in the Zürich Bahnhof.

Becca, all sly on the train…

Jace is no longer amused it seems.
Likely we have taken too many photos of something he
has perhaps already taken for granted. Poor Jace.


Bluefish said...

You can't drink alcohol in public in Canada either. Hence, I was surprised that you can do so in DK and the alcohol buying age is only 16! Crazy!

Jul said...

I totally understand the appeal of beers on the train. Fun stuff!

ZüriHB said...

Oh, all those beer-drinking passengers.

I didn't know it wasn't allowed in the States or Down Under. But here, it's normal, you may have seen all those drinking people by now, didn't you?


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