Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zürich 'Must See' #2: Schnapps Anyone?

Zürich Must See #2: Distillerie zur Schnapsboutique
Location: Napfgasse 3, 8001 Zürich, Tel. +41 44 262 32 27, Fax +41 44 262 32 27
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On Saturday last week, while the weather was grey and rainy, I dragged my visitors and husband to the Schnaps Boutique and Distillery near the Limmatquai in Zürich. I had wanted to go in there ever since I saw Samantha Brown's TV review of Zürich from her European Passports series. The rainbow of teardrop shaped bottles of schnapps, vinegars, oils, liqueors and other yumminess drew me in immediately.

You can buy the liquids in 100 ml increments, and they have a wide variety of bottles that you can buy in the event that you don't bring your own vessel from home.

I was hoping that we could pay for a short taste test of some of the more unusual schnapps, but alas they do not have a liquor licence, so you can only taste the vinegars, oils and fruit concoctions. Regardless, I will be back there soon to take home some Walnut Schnapps, made from ingredients from the Zürich See region - so best that you plan your next trip to visit after my larder is filled with goodies from the Distillery.

If you don't want to take anything home, because of the whole 100 ml/3.4 ounce deal with planes or you don't drink or whatever, at least take a peak inside. The bounty of schnapps is just so beautiful.

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Jul said...

I remember that store! It is lovely indeed, but I always felt a little uneasy inside - worried that I might spontaneously fall over and break a whole lot of glass, I guess. :)

Bluefish said...

Just put the bottles in check-in luggage! That place looks so cool. What does schnapps taste like?


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