Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Come. Let me show you Vienna.

Last week I was in Vienna (or Wien if you want to say it in German) for work and on our last full evening there my boss and I wandered the streets a bit, doing the tourist thing. The sky, as you can see, was just amazing and it was the perfect temperature, as Jace would say, approximately 23 degrees C / 73 degrees F.

Having been in Wien just 9 months ago, I acted as the guide for my boss who had previously only had a drive-by of the city. I did my best in German to show her the sights. I know I speak German pretty well, but in my head I always think I sound like a child. Has anyone watched Dora the Explorer in German yet? I watched it with Jace for the second time today, and I have a strange feeling that I talk exactly like Dora (short, simple, baby like sentences) ALL THE TIME. Oh help me... regardless, we had fun touring Vienna... here, let me show you Vienna.

Here is a building with a statue of a horse in front of it.
And this... a bunch of angels on top of an old building in the old part of Vienna.

Actually, I think this is around the Heldenplatz, I think. Some guide I am, right? Anyway, I at least knew the route to take to see all the really big buildings. That is what it is all about, right? The big, old things that look good in photos!
Just like this! I looked this up on Google though after the fact!
This is the Vienna City Hall, looking a wee bit ominous silhouetted against the evening sky.

They actually have a Film Festival on during the summer months, and while we didn't wait until 9 pm for the movie, the set up looked awesome and I would love to see a movie next time I am in town.
Another fun shot of the City Hall, or Rathaus

I love trolleys. They have nice ones in Vienna too.

And this. I think it is a church.
Actually, this is the famous church in Vienna, with the famous roof.

Ok, enough, this is actually the Stephansdom... but I only know that from Google. With Google's new photo and map overlay it is difficult not to find what it is that you saw. Give it a try!
After my grand tour... HA.... we sat on the river and had a beer. Actually, I loved it. My boss asked if I wanted a beer, and I said, "If you want a beer I am up for it. It's up to you!" And she said something like, "That's right! I am the boss! Let's go." And we did.

Now that is more like it... a photo that doesn't need explanation. Just a great Viennese sundown. And the sun went down... and we laughed and laughed... and then we cried. No, we didn't cry really. But we should have, the sundown was that beautiful. Next time perhaps. Next time when it is not my third week on the job!
Simply lovely. Thanks for a great night, Vienna.

Thank you very much.

Ps. Please click on some photos and see them big. It is even better.
Pss. Post a comment. I love them and read them all.


Bluefish said...

Take me there!!!!! I really feel as if I'm traveling with you, if I didn't tell you this yet. You're one of my favorite blogger and I love every single snapshot you took.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Bluefish! I really appreciate it. ;)

Ps. When are you coming to Denmark...then you will have all the Europe photos and I can travel with you! ;)

Bluefish said...

I'll be in Denmark on August 21st. There are so many places that I yet to see.

mrsmac said...

oh fun! we are going at the end of November to celebrate my husband's 30th and to see Christmas markets. Can't wait!

Michelle said...

Oh wow. I loved Vienna when I was there a few years back. Sounds like your job is going great too. Awesome photos.

Jessica said...

MrsMac> Yes! The Christmas markets! I can't wait to post about those. I absolutely love the Weihnachtsmarkts. Ooh can't wait! I think we will go to Nuremberg and definately Zurich and who knows where else but I will be making the rounds - and if I am in Vienna around then for work, definately going to the Rathaus area again for that!

Michelle, thanks for the comment! I love, as I have said before, at least 2552 on your blog, all the photos you have now too! Yeah!

Khani said...

I love your blog too! I stumbled upon it when I was doing research into my temporary move to Zurich! I feel a lot more prepared after reading your posts about work permits and recycling!


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