Friday, July 25, 2008

Sacher Torte in Vienna

You might have seen my post on Vienna the other day and realized that I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to Vienna. But I will one day. Don't worry. I will get around a bit and you can come with me. We'll learn together.

Until then, let me tell you about something I already feel I know pretty well. Something close to my heart... or at least my lips... and my hips!

Sacher Torte.

To be honest, I have had Sacher Torte a few times over the years. I first visited Austria when I was 16 on study abroad in Germany for a year. My host family took me to Salzburg and we really experienced every nook and cranny and crumb of the city... which meant we generally ate a big lunch with the intention of skipping dinner to indulge in an afternoon tea comprised of a big Stück of something sweet, like Sacher Torte.

The first time I tried it, I can't say it moved me. But my host family was so thrilled by the moment that they persuaded me to send my family back home an entire Sacher Torte... by air mail. I can't recall what it costed during the day, but while I was in Wien last week an entire, authentic Sacher Torte was 60 Euros...those be take away prices too. That's right - $93 USD for a cake. Worth it? Perhaps not the whole cake, but a piece for 4.50 Euros sure was.

Ok, now time for the sinful truth - during my three day stay in Vienna, I actually had two pieces of Sacher Torte. Isn't life grand?!

And besides the fact that I am a relentless sweet tooth and lover of baked goods, the reason was that I tried an imitation piece on day 2 and was so disappointed that when I came across an authentic cafe in the Wien Airport, I went for piece 2 because I had to know if life as we know it had come to a sad end, and all Sacher Tortes were like the dry, cold, lifeless piece I had on day 2.

And let me tell you - NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGIONAL. My second, original piece of Sacher Torte, was heaven. The original was chocolaty, but not too sweet, and delectable with a fruit marmalade in between the dark chocolate layers. And an original is always served with freshly whipped Sahne or cream, because, as wikipedia says, 'native Viennese find the cake too dry on its own.' And hell, while you are at it, and you only live once, get the Melage, or coffee with whipped cream on top. It won't hurt at all. I promise.

And drink the water that comes with it. We wouldn't want you drying out (why is that there by the way??? I asked once and they said it was to keep you from becoming dehydrated! Although... I have seen Viennese add it to the coffee to prolong the drink... please, someone set me straight!)

Regardless, if you are in Vienna, go to the proper Sacher Hotel or a Sacher Cafe and get 'the origional Sacher Torte.' Don't be stupid like me and settle for imitations. It just won't do.

And Enjoy!

Let me know - do you like Sacher Torte?


Zurich Mama Geek said...

Yummmmmy. Sacher Torte is awesome. Thank you for making the sacrifice to find the original :)

Jessica said...

Yes, it was tough. I know. I took the challenge on willingly though. :)

Bluefish said...

You're making me drool...

SabineM said...

I personally love getting the little glass of water, I think it does help...I wish they would do it in the states....
My dentist always tells me to drink some water after coffee or tea and swish the water around to keep from staining the teeth (if you don't have a toothbrush on hand)

Swiss Miss said...

I think the Sacher Torte is overrated. It's not that good, but still a must for its myth!


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