Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deutsche Stunde 1: German Lesson 1

Jul's comment on my Work Week 1 was spot on (thanks, Juls) - I have improved my German leaps and bounds in these first two weeks of work. It is really incredible how powerful language immersion is.

Don't let me fool you. It was completely overwhelming to be in a completely German environment after using it only to run errands and watch Gilmore Girls. :) But after you get into the German rhythm, words somehow start to make sense, after you hear them for the 5th time. Somehow you simply know what they mean without having to look them up. And in this regard I have learned a lot of new, helpful phrases and relearnt some I had long forgotten... here are some of my new favorites:

Ich hab' mich daran gewohnt. - I have gotten used to that.
Ich bin noch nicht davon überzeugt. - I am not convinced.
Ich mach' mich jetzt damit beschäftig'. - I am working on that now.
Das lohnt sich nicht. - It is not worth it.
Ich komm' gleich wieder. - I will be right back.
Das müßt du darauf achten. - You have to look out for that.
Das kommt nicht leicht vor. - That is not that easy.
Ich bin begeistert! - I am excited!
Ich freu mich schon! - I am looking forward to it. (or 'Ich freu mich' can also mean, that pleases me.)

There are lots of little gems like this, on top of a lot of business terms and phrases which I will have to highlight in another email, that are slowly making communication easier. Now if only I could remember where the y and z are on the keyboard!!!! If onlz it all came so easz. :)

Bis zum nächsten mal. Guten Nacht! - Til next time, good night.

(Thanks again, Juls, and thanks to everyone for their camera suggestions. I am going shopping this weekend I think!)

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Jul said...

Very useful phrases you're learning! Good stuff.


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