Tuesday, July 8, 2008

English service, eh?

Sign at the Nelson in Urdorf - English Service / Food + Drinks available at the bar
Jace made a comment on Saturday as we walked by the Nelson Pub in Urdorf...

Jace: "What's up with that sign?"

Jessica: "What sign? The English Service sign?"

Jace: "Yeah, I don't get it."

Jessica: "Well, I think that they might have someone that speaks English in there that will serve you... but they haven't been there when I went to order a beer. I know because I tried."

Jace: "No, I know what it means. It's just... it they provided an English service, why write the sign in German? Why not write the sign in English? It just doesn't make sense."

Jessica: "Hum... You know, that's a good point."

Jace: "You should blog about that... you should blog about how stupid that sign is."

Jessica: "Well I already posted that picture back when we moved here... but didn't notice how ironic the sign was."

Jace: "Well I think it's time to post again... don't you?"

And since this is as involved as he's going to get, I'm afriad. Here it is. From Jace to me to you.

I have to admit - the sign is pretty funny. What do you think?
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Adrian said...

This sign is perfectly legit. Although there are about 20% foreigners in this country, most people still speak German, not English. What those 80% are not so familiar with is not being waited at the table. The "Englisch Service" refers to England and their pubs and not the English language.

Jessica said...

Well... that makes complete sense then! Thanks, Adrian.

Who would have though that 'English Service' meant at the bar, like in England.

Thanks for the explanation!


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