Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lugano, Switzerland (Day 2)

A sign to Lugano in Gandria

We started day 2 in Lugano by going up the Monte San Salvatore funicular (rail car) to see the amazing view from the top. My mom and brother had a 4 day Swiss Pass (for foreigners only) that gave them unlimited travel in Switzerland, and 1/2 price on the funicular as well. My Swiss Half Fare Card also worked on the funicular which was surprising. Therefore it was 13 francs each round trip... and totally worth it for the breathtaking views. I think it would be better at sunset or sundown, but supposedly the only evening hours are Fridays. Regardless, the panoramic views were worth it and made for excellent photographing opportunities for my semi-pro photographer family members.

A particularly nice view from the top, looking towards Melide. These whispy plants made for some fun shots of the blue lakeside panoramas.

I was really into these flowers for some reason.... didn't take too many photos though as my batteries died at the top! Go figure - but I have some fun video I'll have to edit and post soon.

Boats on the Gandria shoreline.

In the afternoon, after a relaxing lunch which inlcuded melon and proscuitto, spaghettic carbonara and plenty of peach flavored ice teas, we jumped on a boat to Gandria, a small village inaccessible to cars that was recommended by Swiss Ms. The little town is completely picturesque with winding stairs up to the church and around the small colorful houses - and up to the olive gardens I believe but we didn't make it that far. The boat ride over was lovely and cooling in the hot summer heat... and also included in the Swiss Card ticket.

(Thanks Swiss Miss! Also, thanks to everyone's food recommendations as well but we were so tired from all the walking that wherever we ended up around dinner is where we ate! )

Here is a lovely view of the winding stairs and houses from in front of the church in Gandria.

The tower next to the church in Gandria.
Below are a few lovely shots of the flowers and houses tucked into the hills.

In the evening we were too tired to really do or see anything else, so we settled in for a lovely mediterranean meal - I did have some risotto, and it was delicious... creamy but perfectly aldente. I will hit up the vegetarian risotto at Tango next time - it gives me one more reason to go back to Lugano and the lovely southern Swiss lakeside villages.

(Tomorrow... pictures from our next two days in Venice! Also, P.S. Believe it or not, I start work today!!! We'll see how long I can keep the daily blogging up!)


juanitatortilla said...

Congrats on landing a job!!!

Lugano looks and sounds incredible.
( Note to self: Pester Hubs about Lugano. )
Thanks for sharing! Oh wait, I'm sure you'll be posting more.

Bluefish said...

You always take beautiful pictures, I enjoy looking at them.

Jessica said...

Thanks to both of you! I am writing this from my hotel... I have training in Germany this week!

If you liked the Lugano photos just wait for Venice and Burano. They are even better! Thanks again for reading and the lovely feedback.

Hallie said...

Yes, Yes! So happy to hear you got a job!
Also, I'm envious of your AWESOME pictures...what camera are you using?

Jessica said...

Hey Hallie! Thanks for commenting. I use a Canon Powershot A95. It is just a step up from a basic point and shoot with some manual functions but to be honest, I shoot everything in auto and then crop and edit the crap out of it with Picasa (Google´s free photo organizer and editor... I think it works just great but I would like to get Photoshop one day).

My brother uses a Canon 40D which I am coveting... or perhaps I want one of those tiny 10 MB point and shoots... until then, the Powershot is great!

Anonymous said...

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