Monday, July 14, 2008

My New Camera - Sony Cybershot W-170S

So... as I mentioned, I did get a new camera and I really love it. I decided on the Sony Cybershot W-170S for a few reasons:
  1. I wanted something small that I could fit in my purse and carry with me at all times to snap shots at whim.... even though I would love an SLR, I don't think that I really need that right now as I wanted something more pocket ready, more spontaneous instead.

  2. I liked the latest Canon with 10 MP, even though I know I don't really NEED 10 MP, I wanted it anyway, but I felt that the newest Canon models didn't feel as good in my hand as the Sony models. Most are just a big rectangle, but the Sony was the most comfortable rectangle. ;)

  3. I really liked some of the features of the Sony Cybershot: Wide angle lens, really great zoom, huge screen, really pleasing noises, easy to use/user friendly setting interface, face detection, and my detection (I think this is unique to Sony and VERY, VERY cool... you set the camera to smile detection instead of auto or P and it won't take the photo until it detects a smile... and it works. I tried it on all the visitors we had this weekend! They were good sports and I got great smile shots because it took the photo right when their smiles were brightest! AMAZING! Tell me your SLR does that!)
I bought the camera at the Foto Pro Ganz in the Zurich Hauptbahnhof, mainly because they had EXCELLENT SERVICE. I went in there twice, once with my brother last week and then on Friday, with the intention of just looking, and they were so helpful that I just had to buy there... despite the price difference, even with 10% off all Sony items.

And let's just say, I did spend probably way more than I needed to... but I wanted, for once, to pay for the service and I decided to buy it locally because it gave me an extra year on the warranty which I felt was important after my Canon wacked out.

That and I am nervous about the importing of goods stills. I will, however, buy some accessories for the camera online, I think. But since I wanted the camera this weekend, for my visitors and my trip to Vienna this week, I think it was all worth it... and the shots are great. All around, I am very pleased with the Sony.

Here are some shots of my recent, gorgeous visitors, taken with the smile detection tool:

Becca. Amazing smile naturally... but taken at the perfect moment! ;)
Emily. Beautiful smile, thanks to good genes and the smile detection!

Me. Great smile number 3.

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Bluefish said...

Smile detection is cool. My Olympus Stylus doesn't do that.


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