Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Urdorf Sunflowers

Urdorf, Switzerland - Sunflowers in the 'Pick Your Own Flowers' Field

We walked by these fields on the way home from a day in Zürich on Saturday with our visitors. While my mom and brother were visiting, these sunflowers were still only waist-high and we argued repeatedly about what they were... I for one thought they were sunflowers. They seem to be sunflowers still... strange that. :)

Regardless, they are beautiful and make a perfect backdrop for a lazy stroll home after getting off the bus or an afternoon of grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, I did not take many photos of Zürich because of the rain but I am sure more visitors will drop by soon and we will have another opportunity for some photo opps with the new camera. But luckily the rain stopped long enough for these shots of Urdorf.
Becca amongst the Sunflowers

I took this photo to show you the aftermaths of the strawberry fields. There are still some strawberry plants in the foreground, but actually, no more strawberries. So sad.

I will see you next year my darlings. Don't worry, I will be waiting for you.

As I said, the weekend was filled with raininess but the steam produced, rising from the hills in the distance, is quite eery and beautiful simultaneously. I also love the fact that with the excess of drying wheat, hay and soybeans in the Swiss fields now, the landscape has taken on this lovely golden hue as well and isn't it just so... so... 'so fresh and so green, green.' Oh you gotta love pop culture.

'Ain't nobody dope as me I'm dressed so fresh so...' GREEN.

Ps. I do know that it is not really 'green' in the lyrics... ok!?!?!

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