Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Part 2 - Memmingen Fischertag

Continued from Part 1 - Memmingen Fischertag... After the Fishermen had their catch, the march to the center of town began. The whole community was out and it really felt like such a tight knit, happy community... well, except for this cranky fellow, but then again, I might not be so happy either if I had woken up at the crack of dawn to jump into a cold creek with some stinky fish and then, as soon as it was time to chill, some American tourist was chasing me down the street to get a photo like this... I too might give that girl a cold stare. ;)

Memmingen is a very historical city that was not heavily damaged during the war, therefore a lot of old buildings still stand, and the walk to the city center was very charming and picturesque.

At the center of town, the weighing takes place, but I couldn't get very close due to all the spectators and the hoorah going on around me.

There was quite a crowd of supporters, and behind me there were bandstands set up with visitors, family and tourists galore.

There was an oompa band, or whatever you call them, playing in the square, adding to the froehes fest atmosphere.

You have got to love men in lederhosen whether they have got a big horn or not... I didn't mean anything sexual there, I promise...

Before 9 am, all the fishermen had to take their catches up to the podium to be weighed. I don't think that everyone weighed their fishes though as during the 10 minutes in which we watched, we only saw a couple fishermen take the stage.

Jace and Ingo

Our gracious host, Ingo, explained that being the Fisherking can actually be quite an expensive endeavor, as you find yourself paying the town's tab whenever you go out for a pint at the pub! However, despite that, a few proud Memmingen men were eager to be crowned the Fisherking for the coming year. Why not when you get to be a prized guest at all city festivities for the year, and you probably get a new hat or something too? Either way, I think it is all just great.
And the festivities -and beer kegs!- were ready to roll as soon as the Fisherking was announced. I tried to get my hands on one of these kegs, but the beer dude gave me this look and I turned my heels fast!
So instead of a beer at 9 am, we decided to get some delicacies for a typical Bavarian breakfast/brunch and we first headed to the Metzgerei for some weiss wurst!

I love how they handle the wurst here... and I am not being dirty at all here either when I say that, I promise. Look at this skilled professional juggling these wursts! ;)

And if you are going to eat weiss wurst, you need to get it's traditional side - a Breze! Or in English, a giant, oh so delicous, carbohydrate rich, salty PRETZEL! So after the butchers, it was off to the bakers... and then the candlestickmakers! Not really, but I was super happy to be going home with 10 of these babies. I can't recall what Jace for himself. ;)

And we went back to the house to enjoy our delicious, traditional Bavarian brunch of weiss wurst and breze with a bit of sweet senf (mustard) and a Radler. Yum, yum, yum... before we headed out for a tour of the historical city of Memmingen.

Note to readers: Don't make the mistake I did and look like a total anfaenger (beginner) in front of the Bavarians. 1) Don't admit that you have eaten weiss wurst cold... and 2) and this is the killer, don't eat the skin of the white wurst or else you, too, will be told, "You will never be a Bavarian!"... they meant well, but I think they really meant it! ;) You have been forewarned. There, Ingo.. I blogged about it. You don't have to start your "Swisstory-THE TRUTH" blog afterall... however the toilet story won't see the light of day! :)

Next posting: Historical Memmingen.


jazibe said...

i'd be interested in a "swisstory: the truth" blog! (or something like "E! true Swiss Story"... hehe. Looks like memmingen was fun, just saying the name makes you smile... Memmimgen... hehe

jazibe said...

i'd be interested in a "swisstory: the truth" blog! (or something like "E! true Swiss Story"... hehe. Looks like memmingen was fun, just saying the name makes you smile... Memmimgen... hehe

lillo said...

Radler? I thought the traditional Weißwurst-Frühstück was enjoyed with a Weißbier!

Jessica said...

Lillo! You are right... but I had a bit of lemonade in my weissbier... hence the Radler. :)

But a few of the others just had the weissbier... non-alcoholic too so we could drink it all day long! :)

casey said...

sorry that I must correct you. Jessica you haven't had a Radler, it was a Russ - and Lillo, this is typical bavarian :)if you know this ;)
And yes Jessica, where is the true story ?? hehehe

Bluefish said...



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