Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zürich? Expensive? Yes.

Reading the 20 Minuten earlier this week, it was clear to me why everything is just so expensive here...

Zürich is officially one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world according to Mercer Consulting Company's yearly review. 'The survey is based on the costs for expats specifically, based on the prices of over 200 products and services, like rent, public trasportation, household goods, groceries, clothes, and freetime activities.' (1)

Moscow is number one, followed by Oslo in 4th place, Seoul in 5th, Genf in 8th and finally Zurich.

Therefore, according to this survey, Zurich is the 9th most expensive city in the world.

Now, this might not mean much until you ask... well, surely New York is in there at 3rd right? or 6th? New York, the first American city on the list, makes its appearance at the 22nd place.

That's right. Zürich is not the place for a cheap girl like myself - however, the good news is that while the cost of living is quite high, the quality is also quite high. Regardless, the prices make my heart palpitate almost daily. But I will get through it... Denner will help me.

(1) 'Teure Städte: Zurich und Genf in den Top Ten der Welt' 20 Minuten from 25.7.2008, www.20Minuten.CH


M'dame Jo said...

Yeah, but something tells me that the salaries in Zurich are a tad higher than in Moscow... Zurich is the most expensive swiss city, but it's also the city where people make the most!

val said...

Wow Jess looks like I might need to save more spending money before I come.

Jessica said...

m'dame jo - You are right. The salaries are higher here... so it covers the costs a bit. But it doesn't ever take the sticker shock away... or at least not yet!

Val - Don't worry. We will take care of you! I know all the tricks now that we have had a few visitors!

Jessica said...

Ps. For those of you that don't know what Denner it, it is a grocery store chain in Switzerland that has a limited but reduced price selection. Sort of like... big lots.. but more grocery oriented.

mrsmac said...

uh yea, i comment on the prices here almost daily. don't know when the shockof it all will go away... probably never. the prices here on insane- for everything!

just one example, i need to get a new stroller to handle all of the outings we are doing now. prices are at least 50% higher here than the US.

Susan May said...

I try to shop at Denner too, when I can - many of the products are the same! But I don't see too many Swiss folks there, and I wonder why? After almost 2 years here, I'm finally getting past sticker-shock ... most of the time, anyway!

Bluefish said...

Copenhagen is expensive too, but I'm more into the quality of life than finding cheap stuff to buy. I really can't wait to start my life there and see how I like it.


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