Friday, August 8, 2008

The Best Swiss T-Shirt EVER

My bro really wanted a Swiss T-shirt before he left Zurich... Don't ask me why. I mean the Swiss aren't really known for their t-shirts, but, meh, he wanted one.

Then again, when you already buy a Swiss Army knife and a Freitag bag and you don't need a watch... you might turn to a T-shirt, too, to round out your souvenir collection.

And when we saw this shirt, I suddenly thought my bro was a genius, that was it. We had to buy this shirt. It is just classic. I LOVE IT. Here's a close-up.

Yes, that is a cow, Puma style, jumping over the word "Swiss" in case you can't see it. Classic.

We got it in the Bahnhof shopping center underground, in the souvenir store right next to the Edelweiss shop - that one that I will never exactly be sure what they sell... are those cookies or what? Anyway, go in there. They have all the cheesiest Swiss souvenirs and obviously the BEST Swiss T-Shirts. Who would have known.


Bluefish said...

Nice t-shirt:)

Kathryn said...

Ok, it took me a second, so I'm glad you did indeed confirm that that is a cow jumping over the word "swiss". I love it!!

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean! I know it's years later, but I still talk about this shirt.... that I didn't get in 2008 and still can't find anywhere. In fact, I just saw the same-ish shirt today, except it said "Austria" with the cow. "Swiss" is way better. Any tips on where it can be purchased?


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