Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zurich 'Must See' #3: Freitag Shop

My brother, who left yesterday incidentally and is hopefully back in the States now, driving around relentlessly after being off the road for nearly 6 months, is an architecture major and therefore is into cool design and hip on recyclable materials. So of course, I recommended that he take a trip to the Freitag Shop very near the Hardbrucke train stop, just one stop from the Zurich Hauptbahnhof.

Zürich Must See #3: Freitag Shop
Location: Geroldstrasse 17, 8005 Zürich, +41 (0)43 366 95 20
See the Freitag Shop on Google Maps

First of all, the shop is super cool and is made of recycled materials - old shipping containers stacked on top of one another like building blocks. At the top - if you can withstand the heat, shipping containers aren't exactly well ventilated - there is a viewing platform with a view of the, uh, very chic train tracks and surrounding industrial area, but hey you are on top of like 8 shipping containers in Zurich, so soak it in. It's cool.

But the best part is the merchandise. Freitag was the first to make messenger bags out of recycled truck tarps... that's right, the very first, right here in Zurich. These bags are very much the fad these days, and using recycled materials to create merchandise is right up there in fadville but I support it. Freitag's goods are cool and the designs rock. My bro got an awesome messenger bag and I got this new wallet during our trip - they weren't cheap, but hey you are recycling and getting a stylish accessory to boot. Not everything can be as gunstig as IKEA! And Nate went to the store three times while he was here... that makes Freitag a Must See in my book. Check it out.
The only downside... the wallet smells like tarp... hopefully that will go away. Right? (Ps. Smell gone... thank heavens) Regardless, I love it. Visit Freitag and spend some of your hard earned dough.


Anonymous said...

Just looking at this makes me terrified that it's going to fall over... and awed at the same time.

Bluefish said...

I'm scared that the containers will fall and crash someone. I like your wallet, it's very hip.

Jessica said...

Yeah, you are right. It looks scary from this angle. It was a bit scary going up the stairs to the observation deck too.. I didn't make it actually because I got too hot and could not be bothered... I do not think the view is that great anyway, but clever that they built it for that... and for selling the bags!

Pumpkin Pie said...

I love Freitag messanger bags and would like to have one but they are out of my price limit for the moment. Your wallet is cool! :)

SabineM said...

I own three Freitag. I LOVE the concept. Many have copied it! ;-(

Jessica said...

Ps. It no longer smells like tarp! WOO HOO


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