Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't have a cow... Rent One... !

That's right... you can rent yourself a Swiss cow! Reading yesterday, I came across a really interesting story. Basically, a really smart Farmer in the Appenzeller region decided that in midst of the crappy milk prices, he was going to do something innovative and daring and rent out his 19 cows over the Internet.

You can rent a cow for a month (190 CHF) or for the season (390 CHF) and the best part is that the renter can visit the cow at any time, is allowed to milk her, visit the cheese factory, buy the cow's cheese at a special price and even take a boat trip of the Seealpsee, depending on the package.

I would love to translate the whole story and their website, and if there is interest I will... but if you can read German, please check out their article. It is just so classic.

And what are you waiting for - go rent yourself a Swiss cow!

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Bluefish said...

This sounds interesting. I dedicated a post on my blog to you. Thank you for creating Wordle for me.

Kathryn said...

Hmmm, well my son has been bugging me about getting a dog, but I keep telling him we don't have the time right now. So yes, yes...perhaps a cow to rent! Way cooler than a dog...everyone has one of those. Think of the show and tell pics he can bring to pre-school!

Zhu said...

Can I exchange a moose rental or a cow rental? I'd be willing to throw in a beaver.

Maya said...

I wish I could take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity (and adventure) and rent a cow myself, but I have left my home town Zurich some time ago (to marry an American) and now live by the sea in Rhode Island. I have been thinking about renting a jet ski though..., really funny story.

juanitatortilla said...

That idea just makes me laugh!
I think it's great; renting a cow is something I'd love to do, but probably would never go about doing, ha.
So, have you rented your cow yet?

Jessica said...

I think that this is a great idea. A lot of people cannot afford to travel with fuel prices being so high, so I have read that vacations on the farms in Switzerland have reached an all time high this year. I think you can find them by searching for Bauernhof ferien.

In that regard, this is a pretty cheap getaway if you rent for the season price of 390 CHF because you also get to stay on the farm, visit all the cheese making, and go on a boat trip. Can't beat that for a weekend away... but I don't think Jace would be up for a weekend with my cow.

Then again... I haven't asked yet. We'll see! :)

Jessica said...

Ps. ZHU I love your blog! I wish my blog had such an awesome design. Blogger is limited in that regard, or at least I am unsure how to branch out my blog design.


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