Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Zurich Street Parade 2008 VIDEO & Tips

Here is a video of our 1st Zurich Street Parade 2008 from August 9th. The music is by Jace. Check out his Myspace page for more techno beats.

Swisstory's Tips for Zurich Street Parade 2009...

1. Wear the right shoes.
Again, I wore the wrong shoes, flip flops or thongs depending on where you live, and I had to be very careful walking back to the Bahnhof because the streets were A MESS (I cannot imagine what it looked like on Sunday morning, but I imagine the tidy Swiss took care of it all before Sunday mass...) and there was a lot of glass around - not a time for flip flops at all. At least I wasn't wearing shoes like these purple clompers!!!

2. Bring coins for the toilets. There are plenty of free toilets, but unless you are prepared to stand in line for a few hours, just pay the 2 CHF for a clean, quick pitstop.

3. Have a plan, and then be ready to throw it out the window.
I would have liked to have seen a few more acts and maybe more of the stages, but we got caught up in meeting new people and drinking and ... well... that is how you end up having a great time. Next time I might try to figure out the schedule in advance, because despite all the crowds, it wasn't too difficult to move amidst the crowds to the various activities. But regardless, it is a crazy day and I don't think I could have met up with anyone at a certain time or kept to a timetable. Too crazy.

4. Buy your night pass in advance for the trains.
There were no cabs after midnight, so we had to wait an hour to get the train as the lines for the Night Zuschalg, or the 5 CHF extra charge, in addition to the general fare, for riding the trains at night, were outrageous. Buy it in advance if you can and spare yourself the pain. It did allow us to have some yummy Chinese and wind down before going home though.

5. Bring ear protection. Just in case. I wore it but it wasn't that loud. Up close the parade though I can imagine it gets LOUD.

6. Dress up.
I look forward to going again and hopefully dressing up. Everyone had a great time regardless, but I can't help but thinking that a pink wig, some knee high fishnets and perhaps a bottle of bubbles would have have iced my cake. I can't wait for 2009... or maybe the Love Parade next year... who knows... All I know is that we had a great time. Thanks to all our old and new friends for such a great day.


Bluefish said...

That is some crazy shoes!

Jul said...

We dressed up for Street Parade last year - we felt soooo self-conscious on the tram until we got downtown! And then we felt like were we not dressed up enough...

Lynx said...

Street parade is very misleading. I've been a few times. In the media you see lots of near naked girls. In reality it's 99.99% men (?) of the Elton John kind and a few women, mainly butch. I've just spent the last month in supermodel land with 4 straight girls per guy and I feel very sad since I have to drive back to that normal girl-desert called Switzerland in a few hours.


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