Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Switzerland... The Second Happiest Place on Earth!

Shining Happy People in Switzerland.

Are you feeling happy?

According to Adrian White, "an analytic social psychologist that used the responses of 80,000 people worldwide to map out subjective well-being," if you live in Switzerland you should be feeling pretty darn happy because according to his results Switzerland is the second happiest place on Earth (close on the heels of Denmark and of course Disneyworld, hehe).

And what makes one happy in particular? Lots of Swiss wealth via those Swiss banks? Prosperity in the form of a shiny, black BMW? 12 kg of premium chocolate per person each year? Cheese fondue waterfalls?

Nope. According to Mr. White it's healthcare, high GDP and education.

Imagine that... Healthy, wealthy and wise... equals HAPPY.

Those really are the three pillars of a happy life. Read the full article to see how Mr. White mixes his whole happy index elixir into how politicians are shifting their focus from making countries richer to making them happier. Interesting Stuff.

(Click on the happy map to see it in detail.)

Of note, America is happy but comes in at 23rd. UK is 41st. Word.

Originally read on BBC News | Health - Thanks to Stu for the tip!

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Anonymous said...

I love the "happy map"!!!!
I'm also a expat but from Barcelona (Spain). I've been in CH only for 7 months and I do believe in that magic combination about swiss people: healthy, wealthy and wise... Great indeed!!
Nice blog by the way. Makes me feel there are many other expats like me!! :-)


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