Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A European Wonder - The Murse

I see them more and more often here in Switzerland lately. The murse. What's a murse you ask?

The urban dictionary describes a murse as:
"a man-purse. very fashion-forward right now, seen on many hipster guys. the line between a messenger bag and murse is very fluid - typically a murse is a bit smaller than a traditional messenger, and may have a slightly more stylized look to it. a murse can also be used to carry a laptop computer - one of the reasons it is so popular right now."
I particularly love the urban dictionary's example sentences that show one how to use the word correctly:

"Wow, Mark's new laptop fits perfectly into that small bag he carries"
"Yeah, that's a great murse. It matches his American apparel shirt."

Oh, that kills me!

Here's a closeup of the murse that I saw on my way home the other day...

Boy that is a fancy murse you've got there, Mister. I think that's a LV, no?! Boy you are so stylish.... apart from the fact you are wearing a PURSE!

I have to admit, if Jace told me he was going to start carrying a murse, not that this would happen in a million years, I am sure, I think I might never recover from the gut wrenching laughing that would take place after I tried really, really hard to hold it in...wait, I would never try to hold it in... listen to me, it is just not manly in my opinion... IT IS NOT WRONG, just not something I will ever get used to really...

The murse. More proof that you are not in Kansas anymore Toto.


PFlight2000 said...

It's always cool for me as a Swiss to see what people with different origins think of our lifestile. I love you blog!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I am glad you love it! :)

Yeah this is one thing I will never get used to seeing. I think that you would have to be very strong in your manhood to carry this in the States!

mrsmac said...

I always think of Joey Tribianni when I see man purses. And the ones I see always seem to be LV's too!

stacy said...

My husband carries a small messenger bag, filled with god knows what. LOL.

Matt Morelli said...

In Britain, we call them manbags. What you call a purse, we call a handbag (a purse to us is the small thing you put cash in i.e. a wallet), so handbag becomes manbag.

I've got a manbag and I love it. Very handy.

Bluefish said...

I saw few guys with LV purses iand older men with less stylish purses in Germany. I just give my purse to my fiance if it's too heavy to carry. Lol.

Krissi Wyss said...

Hey-manbag, that it cooler than murse. But, whatever it is called, it pretty -uh- what would you call that? My Norwegian dad wouldn't be caught dead with one (he's been in America too long)! My Swiss husband would likely use one if we were living in CH. There was an older gentleman carrying his wife's very paisly-looking purse for her on Sunday. I should have snapped a photo-it was sweet. Manbags-not the same kind of sweet.


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