Sunday, August 24, 2008

Theatre Spektakel ends August 31st

Last week we went to the Zurcher Theater Spektakel after work. Basically it's a two week long theater event on the Zuri See near Rote Fabrik. There are shows throughout the week, including dance, performance art, comedy and traditional theater... all sorts... And despite their rather macabre advertising, it is a good atmosphere for young and old and there seems to be a lot of kid friendly stuff to do during the day.
What is up with these? eh?

We didn't go to see anything in particular, although quite a few events still had ticket availability that night, but instead we just went to take in the atmosphere and have something to eat. There are all sorts of interesting bars and food stalls set up - Chinese, BBQ, Italian, burritos, pasta - you name it! It all looked good and the portions were huge.

The Chinese and Asian food tent.

Jace ended up having some yummy looking Chow Mein, and I had an Indian Thali plate that was delish. We also shared some dim sum and washed it all down with about a dozen beers - well, six each - but it could have been a dozen. The beer was piss weak for some weird reason.

We met up with some of Jace's work mates and had a great meal and just chilled with beers, taking advantage of the unusally dry weather that evening. It has been raining a lot here lately.

Cafes and bars at the Spektakel - this one above has the BBQ and burritos!
And HUGE burgers!

More of a fancy schmanzy bar... nice.
No idea what this was, but you can go up it... or climb up it like some crazy performer did.

I would highly recommend that you go down to the Spektakel before it ends on the 31st of August and at least grab a bite to eat. There are really great little seating areas with plush pillows and chairs too. And beware the smells of the waffles - I was able to control myself after eating half of India's rice and naan supply, but you might not be so strong and that is ok!

You can also check out all the buskers most of whom have something to do with fire (twirling, swallowing, spitting, throwing, you name it...) and seem to get quite close to the audience so watch out!


Jul said...

Ah, the Theater Spektakel. That was fun; but it was also where I encountered this wretched excuse for a burrito. Don't make the same mistake!

Jessica said...

That is so funny! Now that you mention it, I did see burritos with a white sauce! I thought it was melted cheese, naturally, but now that I know it was ranch I, too, will be keeping my distance.

Now let us talk more about this crazy swimming across Lake Zuri business! :)

Bluefish said...

You're making me hungry already...


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