Friday, September 26, 2008

Check out this Amazing Swiss Art

I recently went to the Museum of Art here in Zurich and saw this piece. I love art.Look at this... isn't it beautiful? All the pretty colors. It is really nice, isn't it?
Here is another angle. When I took this photo at the Zurich art museum I thought to myself, "Man, that is such artistry... those colors!" And I knew I had to share it with my blog readers (all three of you, just kidding, I didn't forget you, Dad... all four of you!) ;)

This is another one by the same artist, but during the cubist influence. I think that the artist is indeed Swiss... or artists... yes, I think it was a group piece. I cannot remember really.

Look how the shapes just meld into each other. It is like they are melting together... like they are fluid... like solid, but fluid... yes, all at once even. Do you know what I mean?

Oh wait! This is not art at all! Silly me! I got my photos all mixed up. Damn Picasa...

This is actually art, just nothing you will see at the Zurich Art Museum. Instead it is art of the chocolate variety and some days it is the most beautiful (and yummy!) thing in the whole wide world. Don't you agree...? And for some reason, I always have room in my budget for this kind of art... ;)

Actually, I wanted to quickly say thanks to all of my blog readers! It has been an amazing (record setting!) month and I enjoy sharing our Swisstory with you and getting to know you all better through your comments and individual blogs. Thanks for checking in with crazy ol' me so often and making living abroad so enriching and blogging such a fun hobby.

Now before I tear up, go grab a toblerone and enjoy the weekend everyone. I know I will! Yum... ;)


juanitatortilla said...

You hit the nail on my head.
I am always in awe while at the chocolate aisle of the Supermarkt.
Could spend a long time admiring the work of 'art', ha.

What to choose, what to choose...

juanitatortilla said...

Gaa! I spot the Pistachio one that I keep returning to!

naechstehaltestelle said...

You should totally frame one of those photos, and put it up on the wall. If anyone asks, just say it's a great piece of abstract art.

Bluefish said...


I usually don't like cheap chocolates, but I sure love Swiss chocolates like Lindt. Is is from Switzerland?

Once again, you're a very creative blogger. Someone should give you a reward.

Susan May said...

Some day you'll have to visit the Frey Chocolate Factory in Buchs (Aarau) - it is amazing. The amount of free samples they offer you along the way is overwhelming!


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