Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet some Swiss MEAT!

Today I will recount a recent shopping trip to my local Migros...Allow me to give you a play by play, movie script style.

Enter Jessica.
Scene: Migros Meat Section.


Jessica: La. la. la. Just another day in the Swiss supermarket. Oh, here is some delicious meat. I think I might make Jace a nice steak for dinner - Humm, humm... what do we have here...These look nice and lean.
What a minute! What do we have here?!?! This is not beef?!

How do I know? I know because the Swiss put an animal outline on the packages so you know that it's cow or pig or sheep. Clever, clever Swiss. Oh that and I can read and understand German, duh... Straus it says, now let's see... that is... um... what is that!? Just succumb to the outline, Jessica. . . let go... be a smarty pants some other day.

Woah! That is ostrich! Wowzers. Since when do we have an ostrich section...? Interesting. Well, moving on, how about this one...

This one is not difficult as it is in English already - but HORSE MEAT??! No.. it can't be. I thought they only made glue out those beautiful, majestic show ponies.
Well aw be. That is definately a horse there... how much does horse meat run around these parts? Well CHF 49 per kilo, that's what. Holy bejesus - horse is expensive stuff.

Voice over says:
Wikipedia says, "In French, the word entrecôte denotes a premium cut of beef used for steaks and roasts."

Shot pans out and...
Jessica raises her eyebrows, wondering how much the voiceover dude got paid for this meat gig, as she puts the meat back on the shelf, shakes her head and wonders also why more people are not taking photos of meat at the supermarket... she then slowly pushes the cart away, as she thinks about becoming a vegetarian.


Ps. Sorry to all the feed-readers that thought this post was about hunky Swiss men... perhaps another day. ;)


Matt Morelli said...

I had Ostrich earlier this year. It wasn't bad. Quite tasty. No where near as good as Kangaroo though. That's some good eating!

Bluefish said...

You're so funny and creative! I'm reluctant to try horse and ostrich meat in the future. I'll have to think about that...100 times.

Jessica said...

Thanks Matt and Bluefish. I might have to try Ostrich, but having grown up with horses around me, I don't think I will be trying horse anytime soon. It would be too much like eating Fido.

Ps. Kagaroo is very tasty. I agree. :)

tqe / Adam said...

I've had Ostrich before, but I have to admit, the horse meat in my local supermarket threw me a curve--as did the horse-milk-chocolate.

Swiss Miss said...

Thank God for little drawings or we'd all be eating what we thought was a juicy steak.

sensiway said...

horse meat? for the love of.....i wonder if it taste gamey, you know like

Kathryn said...

I can't believe you have horsemeat there!!!! In my local market you can buy any part of a pig to eat though...and I do mean "any" part. My work-mate was eating pig tongue in aspic the other day for lunch....ewwww!

Also, where I used to live the butchers name was kidding. So when you bought your meat on the tag it would say "Fuck fleischmarkt" Ahhhh Germans! :oP

Susan May said...

I love how you take something like shopping for meat ... and make it entertaining! You have a gift - thanks for blogging!


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