Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day trip from Zurich: Kaiserstuhl

The Seat of the Kingdom, Kaiserstuhl is the beginning of the Black Forest region and is a heritage site of national significance in Switzerland.

We visited the small municipality in beautiful weather and walked around after visiting Regensberg and before gluttonously filling ourselves with Greek food in a nearby restaurant.

In the photo above, you might not be able to see it very clearly, but if you squint and look at 11 o'clock (and there is a clock there to help those of you that have trouble with this!), you can see an airplane. The flight path to the Zurich airport goes right over Kaiserstuhl, so every minute or so a new airplane flew overhead - hence the affordable property prices in Kaiserstuhl? Anyone want to move?!

Kaiserstuhl sits on the Rhein and was also the location of a fort which protected the Swiss from the invading Germans during the World Wars. Since I studied abroad in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany back in the late 90's, (near Duisberg), I know the river well. I just didn't know that it snaked around and down to the Swiss border! It's one hell of a long river!

The customs stop is actually just in front of this building above, before you cross over the bridge connecting Switzerland with Germany.

The River Rhein.

It is a quiant little town and I think there might be a bit more going on on a Saturday. There are lots of hiking paths around (Jace and Michael hiked out to one of the security posts on the Swiss side) and cafes and shops, so give it a go and perhaps visit the Black Forest while you are at it... you might even pick up a piece of Scharzwälder Kirschtorte.

I also recommend the fish restaurant that is on the river. I stood outside it awhile, waiting for the boys to come back, because AGAIN I had the WRONG SHOES and the smells drifting out the window were divine. I can't wait to try it.

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Bluefish said...

Very nice scenery...I couldn't see the airplane though:)


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