Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day trip from Zurich: Regensberg

View from the tower in Regensberg

Two weekends ago, one of Jace's workmates, Michael, took us out on a Sunday for a look at Regensberg, a small village famous for its city walls that dates back to the year 870 and is only 15 minutes away from Zurich. It is very close to the Zurich airport actually so we saw planes landing every few minutes from our high vantage point on top of the Regensberg tower.
I love how you can see me in Jace's sunnies in this photo!

We walked around the quaint village, taking in the old walls, houses and the quaint scenes of the little town. Michael's wife is Japanese and they brought along their neighbor who is also Japanese. So it was really a multicultural affair... Jace and I speaking English, lots of German going back and forth and the occassional Japanese. Add to that the fact that Michael and his wife also speak Spanish and it was almost a UN meeting! It was a fun group and we had a good time taking lots of photos - that was probably the best part, as for once there were others taking more photos than me... then again, what am I saying?!? Did I or did I not make it through my profi-family's photo adventures around Europe? I did! Sso I am ready for anything these days!!! Go on take those photos! Bring your tripods and all! I can keep up! :)

We also went inside the small Protestant church in Regensberg, then we climbed the stairs to see the view from the top of the tower. It was really an excellent spot to see the layout of Zurich and the rolling hills north of the city. You cannot see Zurich city and the buildings actually, but you can see the mountains in the distance and the depression that is the Zurichsee. Do you see anything out there? Click to enlarge the photos.

Squint and in the distance you might be able to see a plane landing! ooooh! :) What a great vantage point.

I love the patchwork of the Swiss countryside.

I highly recommend Regensberg for a day trip from Zurich. It is a lovely little place, and it is close to the German boarder so why not go across to Kaiserstuhl for some dinner and make a day of it. Oh wait, that is exactly what we did... more on that tomorrow!

Ps. I have updated this post because previously I wrote that we went to Regensdorf. We did, but the photos above and what I recommend is Regensberg.... get it right, ok! :)


Bluefish said...

Maybe you shuold become a part-time tour guide:D

juanitatortilla said...

Tsk. I am so jealous you guys get to go on day trips.


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