Friday, September 12, 2008

Lindt Dark Chocolate 70% Cherry & Chili

When I reviewed Frey's Lemon & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate, I asked for some other hot tips on your favorite chocolates, and hot it was as three of you commented that you liked the Lindt Chili... and I have been on the lookout, but to date the only Lindt chili chocolate I could find was this - Lindt's Cherry & Chili with 70% Dark Chocolate solids.

And I have to admit, while it was good, I was expecting more heat, more kick. I kept saying to Jace, "It is not hot at all..." and he kept saying, "It is CHERRY and Chili" it is meant to be a bit sweet, I guess, but I wanted my tongue to tingle.

Despite the lack of tongue tingling, it is a nice chocolate with a nice cherry jelly filling and a hint of spice... I will keep looking for the Lindt Chili as I am sure it will make my Swiss Chocolates Top Ten, a list in the making, but I have to drag it out you see or else you will know what a true glutton I am! :) Thanks again to edimork, susan may, and naechstehaltestelle for the recommendation!

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Kathryn said...

Ha- my husband is always on the lookout to try new food, especially candy too. He also bought the chocolate/chili (but w/o cherry)thing and at first I have to admit, it sounded totally gross to me. But then he bought it in ice cream form and I tried it. I too was disappointed as it just tasted like chocolate ice cream to me--no zip, no zap, no tingling. Alas, maybe I'll keep trying too!

If you like coconut, you should try these little Italian coconut balls in a red/white box. Can't think of the name offhand...something that starts with an "R" I think. Anyway...they're addictive!


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