Thursday, September 11, 2008

You dirty, dirty See (Lake) you!

Jace and I walked along the Zurichsee two weekends ago, and we were perplexed by all the scuba divers on the lake and the garbage laying around the promenade. Then we realized that it was an organized cleaning, and there were hundreds of volunteers both on, under and by the lake cleaning up the mess made by Euro and Street Parade visitors as well as everyday summer sun seekers on the Zurich Lake.

Here is a wee movie I made using the latest Picasa 3 Upgrade. I highly recommend Picasa for organizing photos.


Kathryn said...

Wow! Can you send those divers and cleaner upers to Berlin? I bet our two main rivers (Havel and the Spree) are a bit of a mess too. Would just love to see what they pull out of there...or maybe not!

How long do you gyus plan on living there? For good?

rösti said...

that's awesome! I love that they clean all of the crap out of the lake. No wonder the Limmat is so clear and clean.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I actually am one of those people that love the obsessive cleanliness of the Swiss. This is the perfect example.

They knew there was dreck down there, even though they could not see it, and they were compelled to bring it up and clean up the place.


Kathryn, to answer your question... I am not sure at the moment how long we will be here... but I hope it will be long enough to really get a feel for Switzerland and see a lot of Europe. Who knows.. could be forever, just dont tell our mothers! :)


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