Monday, September 1, 2008

Zürich 'Must See' #4: The Zurichsee

Zürich Must See #4: Zürichsee of Lake Zurich is... well, Zurich's Lake!
Location: Center of Zurich - Take Tram 2, 5, 8, 9 or 11 to Burkliplatz or walk down Bahnhofstrasse to the Quaibrücke for a great view of the lake and Alps in the background.
See Burkliplatz stop near Zurichsee on Google Maps

10 Great Things to do on the Zurichsee
  1. Stroll down the eastern Promendade near Uto-Quai and see the ducks and swans, but don't feed them bread or anything, please! There are signs along the way if you want to do some bird watching.

  2. Walk to the Zurihorn, sit on a bench and taken in the amazing view. In summer there are some great ice cream stands around. I recommend the maple walnut.

  3. Visit the Arboretum and take a photo of yourself amongst the big trees or on the waterfront. There are great big green lawns under the trees - perfect for a picnic with items from the Burkliplatz market.

  4. 'Rent' a free bike and bike around the See - available from May to October. Get there early for the best selection of bikes, skateboards or trottis/scooters.

  5. Take a cruise on the Zurichsee - You can get off or just stay on for the ride. I have heard that Rapperswil is nice. And if you are really keen, try the salsaboat!

  6. Visit the Kaffeemuseum - for 5CHF you can learn all about the history of coffee! (Val we are taking you here!!!) then go for a coffee in the cafe on the park near the Seefeldquai.

  7. In the summer, visit one of the Bierhalles, or open air pubs, that are set up along the See and have a pint or two. There is a huge one near the Bauschänzli and lots on the eastern side of the See, either set up on the water or on the land! You can even enjoy a wurst!

  8. Rent a paddleboat and paddle over to the big jet of water that can get you wet! What do you call that thing anyway(photo below)? It's a good destination point to paddle to though.

  9. Use your day pass or Tageskarte (ticket for public transport in Zurich) and take a water taxi from Burkliplatz to the Casino and stay on and travel back down the Limmat to the Landesmuseum - it is a cheap but nice way to cruise the lake and river on the cheap!

  10. Depending on the weather, you can go for a swim in the Zurichsee - there are baths (badi) set up all over, some for just women, some for just men, etc. - or you can go for a Sauna - in the winter months, there are saunas on the See, again separated by gender if you wish, where you can go for a nice hot steam.

    Größere Kartenansicht


Bluefish said...

Amazing photos:D I will put Zurich on must visit place list.

rösti said...

You might mention the ferry is also covered by your day pass/tageskarte or valid zone 10 pass. Rapperswil is worth the trip!

Danny said...

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them! The Zurichsee is really special lake.

Jessica said...

I did not know that the trip to Rapperswil was covered by the day pass. I will have to check that out. Thanks Rösti!


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