Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures in Broccoli Land.

Brocki - not Broccoli - Land near Sihlcity.

This past weekend, on Saturday, I met up with Juanita again so that she could take me to Brocki Land. A Brocki is basically a second hand shop, like a Goodwill, with lots of donated and gently used items, and considering that I needed a fondue pot and didn't want to spend CHF 80, Juanita recommended the brocki and I was off.

So all Saturday morning on our way to the Brocki I was joking around and talking about how I was excited to be going to a Brock-li. (Like broccoli, get it? Oh aren't I so funny and clever?) And it was funny and I explained that it was a slip of the tongue but in the end it was just so much easier to call it a brock-li and that was that for the rest of the day. (Ps. The Brocki land is awesome by the way and I got two bowls, a fondue pot, 2 sets of fondue sticks and a fondue stand and heater for the bar-jin price of CHF 20....!!! Booja. I will be going back again, no doubt about it.)

Anyway, Jace gets home on Saturday from an afternoon at the pub with the boys, watching a football game, and we have this conversation as soon as he walks in the door:

Jace: Hey babe.

Jessica: Hey! How was it?

Jace: Good. But they lost.

Jessica: Oh that's too bad.

Jace: Did you have fun at the broccoli market?

Jessica: What?

Jace: The broccoli market. Did you have fun with Juanita at the market?

Jessica: I didn't go to a broccoli market. I went to a brocki. I told you, remember, it's like a Salvos. Like a second hand store.

Jace: OHHHHHH.... I told all the guys at the pub that you were out shopping for broccoli. They thought you were a bit strange. They kept asking 'What? She is out shopping for broccoli?' And I said, 'Yeah, that is what she said.' Ha ha... They thought you were so weird.

Jessica: Great. Thanks. No, it was a Brocki, not a Broccoli.

But it was obviously too late. It appears as though my slip of the tongue was not so uncommon or that I might have been talking about broccoli for a few days now. Either way... I didn't buy broccoli, but a fondue pot, and I will definately be having more adventures in Broccoli Land again really soon.

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juanitatortilla said...

Another broccoli-satisfied customer!

I'm sure we're all going to see an action shot of your Brocki-bought fondue set soon. (Mm, fondue...)

I've put that wicked Mezzaluna knife to good use on Sunday. Super!
Definitely love days when I get home with some good Brocki stuff.
What do you have in mind next?

Jessica said...

Oh yes, the fondue pot will see its first action this weekend when Sarah is in town.

As for the next adventure... hmmmm. :) let me get back to you!!!

Swiss Miss said...

Ooh...a new Brocki for me to discover. I'm in love already. Have you been to the one near the main train station that is 3-4 floors? It's like a department store! And there's one in Wettington called Onkle Tom's. It is awesome.

Marianna said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I went today and I found really nice useful things. Really good place to visit from time to time

jessica said...

whoa, i never knew. i don't know of anything like this in geneva and now i am jealous!

jazibe said...

have you been to the "lost and found shop"?
(where they sell all the unclaimed stuff from the lost and found from the transport system). They have some good stuff (some weird stuff too).
there are two: one for mostly clothing: (not really worth it) and one for all kinds of stuff, including lots of ski gear, cameras, phones, and lots and lots of scarves and umbrellas.


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