Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recycling - where does it all go?

Short update on the recycling front. I am still doing my best to be a good little Swiss recycler and put the paper and cardboard recycling out once a month but I missed it last month. Darn. That doesn't mean everyone else did, oh no. Check this out.
This is where all the paper and cardboard goes after it is collected throughout Urdorf by what I assume are volunteers. They ride through the streets, tossing the papers into the truck, and then they drive it here and sort it out into these containers. (On a hot day when the guys take their shirts off to sort the papers I swear this is the most popular spot in town... even more so than the pool, but I digress...).

The same day it is collected and taken away to become toilet paper and God knows what else that is made out of recycled materials... it always amazes me though how much paper is collected! 3 containers full! It makes me happy to see it on my way back from grocery shopping on the Saturdays, our collection days. And it also always makes me curse and spit at the ground for forgetting once again to put my paper and cardboard out...

Ah...November, I am all over you. Watch out!

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