Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Does my breath smell like garlic?

Um, before you answer that, let me explain. This weekend we went to a Chilbi in Urdorf. Don't even think of pronouncing it "Chil-bee" like some people that get laughed at publicly by their work colleagues do when they say they are going to a "Chill-bee" on the weekend. Instead it is "Hil-bee" with some guttural sounds at the beginning, so it is actually more like... "Hack up a loogie-Hil-bee." Language lesson over - moving on.

We stopped by Rudolf's Knoblibrot because we needed a nice hangover cure from our night out at Vertigo and because everyone was digging into the CHF 5 garlic bread. I mean, who wouldn't want some nice garlic and butter smeared all over one of these giant baguettes. So we ordered two. I mean, look at this face... he is so innocent, the garlic bread man.

But he isn't... oh no! Anyone that serves garlic bread like this? Anyone named Rudolf... he must be the DEVIL! Ok, so not the devil, but Rudolf is serious about his Knoblibrot. I mean, look at those WHOLE PIECES OF GARLIC!!! WOAH!

Oh, you can't see them? Try now...

Oh yeah, they are there, at least 148 heads of garlic smothered in butter and herbs on crusty bread.... was it good? You bet it was good. Was it good 14 hours later when I was still burping up garlic... um, maybe not so much... was it good today when Jace's coworkers wouldn't get near him because he smelled like garlic? heheh... You will have to ask him. :)

At least the vampires won't be coming to Urdorf anytime soon. ;) I highly recommend Rudolf's garlic bread... just make sure you don't have anything to do or anyone to see for at least 72 hours after you eat the Knoblibrot, ok?


Bluefish said...

How do they make that 'cause I absolutely love garlic bread? Even chewing gum doesn't help?

Jessica said...

They actually use and sell a garlic paste that is used on the bread with the garlic marinade (the whole garlic) that they sell in a jar.

Then they put it under a broiler so that it would melt the paste and make the bread all gooey and the top all bronzed. It was DELISH!

Kathryn said...

YUM!!! I've never come across that before- hope it's not just a regional thing. The search is on in Berlin for this wonder bread!


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