Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall in Switzerland

The weather has officially changed and those days are back where all Jace can talk about is how the trees are dying and ask whether or not a cluster of trees is 'evergreen.' Silly Aussies and their year round foliage. What fun is that? Four seasons = good. Plain and simple.

And Fall is one of the best seasons in my opinion. Cool breezes on warm days, leaves blowing in the wind, pumpkins on porches (even in Switzerland!), apple cider (also in Switzerland - score!), sweaters and boot weather... shall I go on?

Here are some shots of our first Fall in Switzerland. (PS. More coming soon... for some reason they didn't upload properly!)


Bluefish said...

Lovely shots of sun flowers. They're so pretty.

Pumpkin said...

I love the sunflower photo. It is just beautiful!!!

Khani said...

I'm enjoying fall in Zurich right now too! I think I arrived at the right time of year.

I'm in Switzerland only temporarily but your blog has helped me settle in already! I was so glad to have a heads up about the crazy (crayz) German keyboard! I finally found the apostrophe key after 2 days. =) Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I loved the sunflowers with the changing leaves in the background too.

Khani: Hahha! Wait till you try to go back to the US kezboard and all you do it tzpe backwards... it is neverending for me. ;)

Zhu said...

I just love sunflowers! I think it's already too late for them in Canada.

We have beautiful colors in the trees though.

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves sunflowers! Including me. It reminds me the time when I found a field full of giant sunflowers (as tall as 1 meter) and I was planning to steal some (haha!) but couldn't even pull them out from the earth.


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