Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lausanne Cathedral

After we drank the winery dry and ordered some more to go, we took the train back to Lausanne, and although we were dragging already, we decided to take a walk around Lausanne - and I am glad we did. It is a really nice city, very hilly indeed, with lots of nice little shops and a big shopping strip. It somehow feels French, too, which I can understand being so close to France and with everyone speaking French and all, but it was odd to be in Switzerland surrounded by the Frenchness after only knowing the German Switzerland. Is that stupid to say that?

We took the subway up the hill - thank God - and then went into the Cathedral for a look around. Very lovely cathedral... nice uh.. arches... and uh, stained glass. No really, it was lovely. I recommend popping in for a look.

After the cathedral, we walked around the city, taking in the sites amidst the setting sun (does anyone know what this building is below? I forget...), making our way down the hill back to the Hauptbahnhof just in time to catch the 20 past direct train back to Zurich... and boy were we tired... as we all slept about 2 hours, waking up at Arnau just in time to shake off the sleep and make our way home after a successful adventure!

I would like to go back to Lausanne one day and see the city again... but it was great to have a taste of the French Swiss and more than a few tastes of their lovely wine. ;)


M'dame Jo said...

Glad you liked Lausanne...

I can imagine it felt french to you, but I bet that when you'll have a better feel of both France and Romandie, you'll realize the culture is pretty different. Actually language aside, the german-speaking part of Switzerland feels closer to me ;)

(And the castle - we simply call it "le chateau" - is where the government sits)

M'dame Jo said...

Here's a bit more:

Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...

Wow, the cathedra looks awesome! But what did you do with all the tourists? ;) I would expect crowds inside & outside the building. It was your lucky day, I think ;)

PS: V-e-r-y nice pictures.

MrsTina said...

AWh the swiss -french. Much more polite then the actual french :)

Cassy Martin said...

Good post overflowing of useful ideas! I like how you have written it properly but purposely. I have learned a lot from you. Good job and more writings to come!


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