Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zurich 'Must See' #7: Zurich at night

Zürich Must See #7: Zurich at Night

This must sound totally lame, but I really enjoy Zurich at night.

Perhaps it says something about my (lack of?) social life, but it was just recently when Sarah visited that I noticed how lovely Zurich is all lit up on a clear night. The lights reflecting off the sleepy Limmat, swans floating along in the darkness, the churches and clock towers glowing in the distance, and the stillness of the streets, with only the whiz of a trolley and a bell on a bike to remind you that you are walking the streets of a normally bustling (or at least well-trafficked) city.

If you like the crazy nightlife you have to come out around midnight, but around 9 or 10 pm everything is just still and elegant and graceful. Give me a full moon and I might just go insane with the beauty. I recommend a walk around the Limmat, perhaps heading down Niederdorfstrasse.

1 comment:

Zhu said...

Looks very... European!

I'm so used to tall buildings and new condos, I find anything old fascinating.


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