Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snaps of Schnapps

Sarah contemplates staying in Zurich and becoming a schnapps maker.

On Sarah's last night in Zurich, after the (read my...) disappointment of not having the three foot weiner, we decided to explore Zurich at night and then have a night cap at the Barrique Wine and Bar on Neiderdorfstrasse. After looking at the menu, I suggested that we forgo the wine and go straight for some coffee and a glass of schnapps. And I am glad we did as it was really delightful.

Despite being a wine bar, the joint had about 5 different schnapps and I had the plum and Sarah had the cherry and they were like fire water, but tasty. Great to wash down a huge meaty dinner. Zurich is known for their schnapps and I have mentioned before that you can buy all kinds of flavors at the Schnapps boutique, also off Niederdorfstrasse.

If you have a favorite, I would love to know... I am a fan of the more fruity schnapps - but are those even schnapps!? I once had a plum one that was sweet and lovey - to die for!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Was mine cherry flavored? I think they may have brought me the ether flavored one by mistake.


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